Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy 21 Elder!!!!

We had so much fun preparing his Birthday box!!  We sent him about 60 hours of music on CD's! hahha. Of course he needed snackage!  and the SD card reader means we can get pictures more often!! yaya!!!

He snapped this shot for us.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lafayette - don't blink or you'll miss it!

Elder Barrow loves the people of Lafayette!!
The town of 2000 is much smaller than anything he has ever lived in.
These are the pictures he sent of Lafayette.
No traffic light but they have three stop signs!!

With a small city budget, this is a giant step for safety!

Elder Barrow - "Can they do that?"
"Yes, Elder... farmers here park their tractors like the do cars. In front of the house."
Elder Barrow - "Wow...I guess I am a city boy".

The Oregon Countryside

These are some pictures he took while driving his "area".  Quite a difference in the scenery!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Transforming Experience

Elder Barrow and Elder Schultz are amazing young men. They spend a lot of time helping those who may have lost their way and need a hand up. There was such a man in this area of his mission who's heart was so full of gratitude. Elder Barrow shared some very tender events surrounding this wonderful man and the transformations which happened in his life. When he found out they were leaving his area, he was so sad but grateful for all they had give him. He gave them gifts...something so valuable...they are priceless for what they represent.

"A member, gave this to me. It was one of his prized possessions. He collects Transformers, and because of what  I've done for him in his life, he gave me two."

"That one, named Starscream, and Optimus Prime.  My companion got Bumblebee, and those are ours standing side by side."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh Who are the People in your Neighborhood....

Elder Barrow served with Elder Schultz in a small town called LaFyette. The people there are down to earth, humble and very sweet to our missionaries.

This is Elder Schultz, Elder Barrow's Companion! He goes home in October!

This is Elder Barrow and his Ward Mission leader. He's quite decorated!

Here are some of the sweet people who are now forever a part of his life. I'm not sharing personal names but David absolutely loves them.

He thought it was hysterical that the cats name was Remington after the gun company :)

Elder Barrow with the Bishop and the Bishop's daughter. David made sure to draw my attention to his receding hairline. "and I'm only 21! haha". Good thing he has a nice melon!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The not so small District....

Elder Barrow sent me a picture of the missionaries in his District. He says its small in number but not in height...including the wee sister who is giant in spirit!

Left to right in height:       6'2 - 4'9" - 5'11" - 6'4" - 6'0" - 6'1"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oregon Salem Mission Blog!!!

Oregon Salem Mission blog!!

1) Forest Grove Zone Meeting - amazing that he is in the same Zone where he went to EFY for four years hahah. (there's David...3rd on left, squinting toward the sun...)

2) Elder Barrow with President Samuelian and his wife.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pinky and the Brain??

Hey everyone!
So as of yesterday, our bishop is on the same page as us. He has decided that it is time for the ward to split into a Lafayette ward and a Yamhill ward. Possibly even a Carlton ward. The next ward council will be devoted to changing the mission plan, which consists of 4 baptisms a year right now. We saw it and decided that it was way too weak-sauce lol. So the vision that we created is to divide the ward! 

This is just the beginning of what will happen in the Yamhill area.
My new district is pretty funky. Our 4'10 sister got placed with a sister who is 6'4, which is pretty funny. We also have an elder who is 6'10, and his companion is a stinking genius. So we call them Pinky and the Brain XD
In this area we have many people who have seen a lot of death. We have a less active church member we are teaching, and he served in Columbia fighting the drug cartels. The PTSD these people have is definitely evident. Another investigator we are going to start teaching grew up in Hawaii. He is going to cook us an authentic hawaiian dinner! So stoked!
If you can't tell by my unfocused email, I haven't got on different meds yet... So yeah lol. Sorry!
Hurrah for Israel!

<oh new meds? lol...his poor companion!!>

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Elder Barrow was "transferred" so to speak.

For the past five weeks he and his comp, Elder Andrus, have been serving in two wards, McMinnville 2nd and Yamhill.  Yesterday, he was split from Elder Andrus (sad day!).  Elder Andrus was moved to Madras. Elder Barrow stayed in the Yamhill Ward, and was moved out of the McMinnville ward, where they received two new elders. Elder Barrow is VERY excited to stay with Bishop McConkie and their ward. He has a lot of work to do, but is very excited!

I asked if he was able to get everything back into his bag..
"I can't even pack yet! They don't even have anywhere for me to go! haha. And yes, I only have one ward now :) Just Yamhill, no longer mac 2nd. However I am staying in the mac apartment until I have somewhere else to live that is closer to my area..."

David is now serving with a new trainer, Elder Schultz from Farr West, Ut.

Yamhill Ward consists of several towns, mainly: Yamhill, Cove Orchard, Pike, Fairdale and LaFayette.  Yamhill city, itself, has about 1,100 people in residence :).

It's a beautiful area that holds annual Lavender festivals and hosts many vineyards and local wineries.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Sweaty Missionary?? --Eeeeww

Hey :) 

So yes, I got the money for the bike, and the bike is awesome. 

I want to talk a little bit about vision. In our mission we have a vision, which is a high end goal. Our vision is to build upon the rock. There was a missionary in Dublin that had a vision for his area, which at the time was just a branch, that it would become a stake. As he set forth with that area in mind, he labored diligently to create that vision. Just a few months before he went home, this little branch of Dublin had become a stake of Zion. It was a lot of hard work, had to work diligently, but it came about as he established his vision and love for the people.

In Yamhill, we are going to do just that. Right now, Yamhill, Carlton and Lafayette are all in the same ward. I have faith that the Lord wants there to be 1 ward for Lafayette, and 1 ward for Yamhill and Carlton. In one year, I know that this can be done, but it is going to be a lot of work. We have to begin with the members. There is no way that we can do this if the members are not on the same page as we are. We will begin with the Bishop, who holds the priesthood keys to all of the missionary work in those 3 cities. After we know he is seeing this same vision, it will spread to the ward council, to their counselors, to the visiting and home teachers, and finally to each member of the ward. By the end of the next 4 months, each branch of the ward (RS, Elders, HP) can have 80%+ home teaching if we do this correctly. That is how we will know if we are doing our job as missionaries. My job as a missionary, currently, is to teach my wards how to have their own visions for their ward.

Our Bishop is pretty much on board with this whole thing already. He asked me yesterday to help him create the agenda for ward council next week, which is pretty cool. 

I know that as we create this vision for our area, for Yamhill County, the Lord will inspire us to do the things that he would have us do. It kind of stinks to lose McMinnville 2nd ward, especially the Britts and the Greens, and the Markhams, but I am where the Lord needs me: he needs me to work and to labor exceedingly in the vineyards of Yamhill. [PB - quite literally!]

He will bless me and my new companion, whomever he may be, to do what he has commanded.

I am so excited to get going on this, you have no idea!

Your sweaty missionary,

~Elder Barrow

Please write!

"By the way, people can send me as many e-mails as they want. My e-mail adress can totally be known! Below is the mailing address, it's the mission office, so whatever mail is sent there is sent to me wherever I go. :)"

Elder David Barrow
700 Deborah Road, Suite 216
Newberg, OR  97132

Sunday, July 21, 2013


From his Ward Mission Leader:

"I'm at a loss for words for what to say about this one. I will say this, I'm going to miss working with your kiddo. Losing every missionary in the area but 1 tomorrow, but he'll still be close by."

Monday, July 15, 2013


"We are doing everything we can to help our ward: going to every ward meeting we are invited to, visiting each family in the ward, etc. But for some reason, the ward members insist on calling upon the missionaries for even the smallest of things: Mowing lawns, picking weeds, blessings for sprained ankles, everything like that. Unfortunately, the home teaching in our ward is at 20%, and the members are calling the missionaries to do things their home teachers could be helping with." 

[ Definition: Home Teacher - two male members of the congregation who serve two or three families in the congregation, visiting their homes at least once each month. Every family is assigned home teachers, unless they ask specifically not to have them. Home Teachers visit with a message, and generally check on their families during the week. They take a special interest in Supporting the father in providing a righteous home environment, and the family in their important occasions. Because of their caring and friendship, the Home Teachers are often included of as a member of the family :) - plb]

"We are going to talk with the men in our ward, and try to help them understand what their role is in the church. If there is one thing that I would tell the ward it is to realize your place in it and why it is so important to magnify your calling. [meaning to do your utmost with what God has asked you to do, namely watch over one another].  Being a member of this church means accepting that responsibility placed on you. Our job as missionaries is to help our wards realize this, so that we can get more things done later on."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I received three emails from Elder Barrow today, but nothing substantive :)  I assume he thought the pictures told a thousand words so why write? hahhah. Perhaps on Friday.  So far I get to hear from him twice a week. Although Tuesdays are usually his big email day.

Here are the pictures he sent!

Elder Barrow (black jacket on right) with his district during lunch at the MTC. His companion is across from him! This is where we fatten up our missionaries with an all you can eat buffet every meal, every day. Good thing this group was only there 12 days! WHEW! :)

Elder Barrow and his district at the Provo Temple! They are a great looking group! Elder Barrow is in the back, his comp peeking around in front of him :).

Elder Barrow and his MTC Companion Elder Viecco!

At the MTC, Elder Barrow bumps into Elder Spencer McGlinche, a fellow encore choir member and friend from Oregon. :) 

 Elder David Barrow greets a sweet familiar face!!  David and Sis. Maddie Grant graduated from High School Together! Maddie was one of my seminary converts to the Gospel in 2010. 
Now she is on her way preach the gospel in Russia!!

Introducing Elder DorkyDude.
We sent him some colored pipe cleaners in his "greenie missionary package". They were intended to use during his lessons which involve children...nope. Instead he chose to make this "splendid tie!"
And don't you just love his allergy-induced-swollen-eyed-skooshy-face?! LOL poor kid.

Monday, July 8, 2013


This is a new Brother in the Gospel :)
Aren't they the happiest three guys you've ever seen :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

FRI. 7/5 - Too Much MOTAB??

Too much MoTab?? NEVER!!

David asked for some more music, and I wrote asking some specifics within mission rules. Given that John is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir we thought it was funny that David was taking his "dad" on his mission, hahha.  Imagine my immense laughter when I read this in his email today:

"Yes, has to be hymns, but they can be upbeat and fun. In fact, prefferably so haha. There is only so much mo-tab one can take :P"

Bahahahhaha  :).

So, we are parusing our library for "upbeat hymn arrangements". John suggested we record our own...he's warming up his accordion Hahahhaha!! Oh how I love my family :)!

Given the changes in the "tracting policy", I wanted to know if they now had more "down time".

"We still tract on our "down time", so no we don't have "down time" at all lol, but we are going around to each member's home to talk about what they can do to become member missionaries. We are very busy!"

It's true. In fact they are visiting EVERY member in the two wards they are in. Their days are filled with spiritual and physical service. HE's SO HAPPY!!  VERY very proud of these guys :).


I'm Just thrilled!!!  My dear friend Rebecca Shinkle Matz and my sweet son, Elder David Barrow, finally met :).  She has been and always will be my spiritual sister. 

"Met Sister Matz today, she definitely seems like she'd be a good friend of yours, so I'm not incredibly suprised haha"

Here are a few pictures she posted of the Elders and her Husband Douglas Matz.


A hike on P-Day!
(FB Post from their Ward Mission Leader)

Da boys ran into a really good friend of theirs out at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey on P-day. They wanted to go to another monastery that specializes in chocolate, but I steered them clear of that one for now. Can't promise how long we'll be able to hold off on that visit, though...


Missionary Service requires physical endurance. They often bike or walk miles each day. Sad part is, these Elders have a car! Exercise is something their dear Ward Mission Leader is excited to help them with :)

The other physical Endurance test? ALLERGIES!

So, after hearing of his "outbreak", I sent him this question...and her is his response:

MOM - How are your legs?? I heard you had a run in with some tall grass the other day?? LOL

ELDER BARROW - oh my gosh yes... We went hiking. It was hot. And dry. And my legs got allergic reactions to the grass and trees and shrubs and everything. It was soooo bad lol. And of course when I'm at my breaking point and just want to leave, Brother Britt stops and takes pictures of Mushrooms! And beetles practicing procreation! And other things he thought were interesting! Lol my legs were itching so bad by the time we finally got to the end of the trail. And then my allergies are terrible at night because we have to sleep with the windows open, all we have is a swamp cooler that we can't hoist on a windowsill, and we're on the 3rd floor. So I haven't been able to get a decent sleep in over 2 weeks. It's been pretty bad. Those moments when you wake up because snot dripped into your ear canal and gave yourself a wet-willy... Totally not cool.


1.) [You're now officially in your new mission! Are you excited?] Yes, I am. The mission meeting today was really really cool. Our mission president is extremely inspired. He revealed a prophecy given him to our mission that the spanish people of Salem will, within the following years, flock by the thousands. Not hundreds, thousands. I got to kind of speak with him, but I should have a personal interview sometime within the next week or so.
2.) [Will you be getting a new mission packet?] I will send you a copy as soon as I know of it, I haven't even seen the map yet!
3.) [You mentioned buying your District Leaders bike. Is he in your new mission?] Yes, our entire zone is in the salem mission, and our DL is stationed in Newberg, right next to the mission headquarters.
4.) [Niqui and I have our opinion...did you get the Greenie Box we sent and did you open it from the top or the bottom?]  Yes, I love the greenie package, it is very appreciated! Especially the Otter pops! And I opened it from the top (assuming that the postage thing was on the top flaps...?)
5.) [Are the ward members feeding you guys dinners] Yes, in fact because we have 2 wards we are serving, we often have 2 meals a day with members. It's pretty crazy out here. They certainly love to feed the missionaries. Making it really hard to lose weight out here!!
6.) [what are you guys eating for your other meals?] Breakfast - egg / ham sandwiches, cereal. Lunch - sandwiches, burritos, apples, carrots, leftovers given to us from the members.
7.) [what are you learning?] I am learning that I know nothing about teaching lol. No, not really, I'm just learning about how to get a better first impression [and teach to what the investigators need].
8.) [Do you have a photo converter yet?] Not yet, but my comp has one. I left my camera at home today, it's been a really busy day so far.
9.) [Tell me more about the families you are working with]. We are teaching several families. There is a man named  "Carlos" [names are changed] and his wife "Sofia" and they have this bird that they just love to bits. They are commited to taking the lessons from us. We are also teaching a guy that survived not 1, or 2, but 3 helicopter crashes in Afghanistan. He's a pretty awesome. He totally knows his bible. On my 2nd day in the field we were talking about the apostasy and I shared the scripture in Amos that talks about there being a famine of the word of God, and asked him something along the lines of "If there is a famine of the word of God, would there not also be a famine of the power of God?".  We are also teaching an LDS [Latter Day Saint] family that is just going through a rough patch, the "Mitchells". They are all like me as far as the white knight goes, and they help anyone they can, but they kind of let their family get chaotic in the process. So we're trying to help them get their family back in order and weed out all the bad stuff. 
10.) [You've requested mail so you can get a library card? Why do you need one?] I need a library card so I can use the computers, and so I don't have to get a guest pass every time I walk into the library to do e-mail lol.
11.) [is there anything else I need to send you?] I don't think so, not as of yet.
12.) [Has anyone been writing you?] Nobody has written me yet. I have been e-mailing Zac Grubbe and Jared Weeks though. That's been fun :)
13.) [I know you guys are limited on July 4th...what are your plans?] We get to proselyte all day, wear our missionary clothes (shirt and tie) and we get to stay outside until 7:30 pm before we have to be inside! LOL Basically, we're going to be hopping around from BBQ to BBQ all day that day until 7:30 when we go home.
Other comments:
Elder Barrow gave me a great article to read on Personal Revelation, how the Holy Spirit prompts, guides and comforts us.    "This link is where Elder Bednar talks about revelation. He says that sometimes revelation is like walking in a foggy day. You don't know what the end goal is, but you know just enough to take a couple more steps into the darkness."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When Elder Barrow was ages 9yrs - 11yrs he would get two shots in each arm 3 days a week. His allergies were so bad that his eyes would swell completely shut. These shots helped ease the reactions and allow him manage his life much easier. Living in Oregon was awesome, he loved it, but it was hard on him several months of the year. Thank heavens for Zyrtec, Allegra, etc etc etc.

What are his allergies?
Tree pollens (especially cottonwoods), all grasses, horses and dogs. He never let it take him down...we have two Saint Bernards, he always mowed the lawns and we took him camping often. Seriously, this young man is amazing. 

So imagine my giggles when he got called back to Oregon :).  The trooper lives on!! 

I received this message from his Ward Mission Leader yesterday. I anticipate Elder Barrow will be taking his allergy meds from now on :).

"Despite some weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and the effects of allergies, we made a little more of an outdoorsman out of him today by hiking to the shrine of Trappist Abbey. It was bug-filled, muggy, and hot, but he survived. I totally should have gotten a shot of his legs after this...apparently they didn't take too well to grass..."

From Mom:
Um yea..."Elder Barrow maybe wear your jeans? :)."

Monday, July 1, 2013


THE FIRST DAY OF A NEW MISSION!! -- Today, Elder David Barrow is part of the new Oregon Salem Mission, with a new mission area!!  Can you tell I'm just a bit excited??! I KNOW ALL THESE PLACES!!! Out of 405 missions around the world...he gets called to my old stompin' grounds!! Incredible!!!

Mission Cities of Interest (from Mom/Patti)
Tillamook and Lincoln City - I Loved these places as a kid!! We even had a house on the Siletz River for a time. Living in Oregon as an adult, I took my kids here OFTEN on beach trips :).
Grande Rhonde, Sheridan and Willamina - Lived in Grand Rhonde for a time, Sister graduated from Willamina High School and lived in Sheridan for while.
Salem, Keizer - I grew up in Salem, graduated from McNary High School in Keizer and student taught in several schools in the Salem/Keizer School District. My brother still lives in Salem!
Dallas, Independance and Monmouth - I graduated from WOU in Monmouth and know these adjoining  towns really well! (Interesting fact: Monmouth is a "dry town"!)
Albany - As a kid I spent many summers in Albany with my two sisters! My family knows that place backwards and sisters still live there :).
Silverton, Mill City - Growing up, I spent nearly as much time at my cousins house in Silverton as I did in my own house in Salem! My Cousin still lives in Silverton while my Aunt and Uncle live in Mill City.
Warm Springs, Sisters, Prineville, Redmond and Bend - College trips!! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


A Text:
"Found this guy hanging out at Erratic Rock tonight. He's doing well and settling right in. It's almost like he's from Oregon or something..."

This text and picture came from the Mission Leader in the ward David is serving in. His wife Anne and his mission companion are there on the rock with them. The Elders usually play wallyball with them on Friday nights but it got cancelled. Instead they took them to Erratic Rock really quick :).

Erratic Rock Historical Site - Sheridan,OR
This 90-ton rock was deposited during an Ice Age flood. It floated over 500 miles in an iceberg 12,000 to 17,000 years ago,  by way of the Columbia River. When the ice melted, the rock was left behind. This is the largest glacial erratic found in the Willamette Valley. It is a type of rock not normally found in Oregon because it came from the Northern Rocky Mountains. Visitors at Erratic Rock can look out across the vast landscape and image the huge amount of water that filled the Willamette Valley during the Ice Age Floods.

David's shirt says "Not all Super Heros wear capes :)"  We sent it to him in his "Greenie Box" last week.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Received Tuesday, JUNE 25 2013

Hi Mom, 
Here are the answers to your questions:

1.) (What days can you access email?) Tuesdays and sometimes Fridays 
2.) (What times?) Tuesdays around noon UTAH TIME, Fridays are uncertain. 
3.) (Have you visited many members homes?)I've visited so many houses that all their names are not coming to me right now. But there is a family who's son is going to serve in the Salt Lake City South mission, which is totally our area. If you come across an Elder Green, FEED HIM!!! haha!
4.) (How is tracting going?) We aren't tracting much, but within the time that we have been tracting, I've been called a cultist, among other things lol. It's been fun!
5.) (Are you teaching any families?) Yes, we are teaching 3-4 families right now, always a member present. WOOHOO!
6.) (What is your biggest hurdle?) Biggest challenge so far: Staying awake during personal study time. Seriously. This is rough haha.
7.) (What was everyones reaction when you and Whitney saw each other?) They were just as suprised as we were! It was so weird!
8.) (I heard there was a group picture of the 32 of you know who has it?) The mission pres has the picture, I'll find out how to get it to you. I believe they were going to send it to you anyways?
9.) (Are you and Elder Andrus getting along well?) Absolutely, we spend so much time praying and studying together that it's hard not to. We've extended so many commitments together as a companionship that we're becoming one in purpose, which is awesome. We decided to offer a deal to one of our innactives who lives in a unkept mobile home. We told her that every hour she spends at church we'd serve her for that amount of time around her home. Pretty good deal!
10.) (Is Elder Andrus going to the Salem Mission as well?) Yes, he is, he'll be my companion for 11 more weeks at least.

By the way, I inherited a gorgeous brown suit that fits like a charm, will be buying brown shoes for it soon :) I'll take a pic of myself in it and send it your way as soon as I have a memory card reader to plug into the computer. :) Thanks a ton! I'll talk to you soonish!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Here are pictures from Monday, June 17th 2012. Thank you to Dayna Davis, my dear friend who was there at the Mission meeting the day David landed.

Pic 1 - FIRST DAY!!!  This picture totally cracks me up!! You can see in his eyes how exhausted he is from being up since 3:00am!  This reminds me of his "first day of Kindergarten" picture, hahha. Doesn't he look so excited and proud to be there?? That's my son. I'm so happy for him!

Pic. 2 - On the left is my dear dear friend Dayna Davis. Dayna have known each other since 2006, when we moved to Sherwood. She's an incredible pianist and a very expressive composer and musician. We have been through a lot together, including our thyroid disorders :)  Love this lady.  Elder Barrow is next to her. In her words "Sis. Benson (from Woodhaven ward but is now in Gladstone) with Sis. Gillis who is a brand new missionary like David."

Pic 3 - ELDERS of ISRAEL!!!  This is Elder Barrow and his missionary companion/trainer Elder Andrus. They are so excited to go and serve!! So proud of these young men, who give 2 years of their lives to serve others.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Surprise Guest at Dinner!

We got another short email from Elder Barrow today! He is with a fabulous trainer, Elder Andrus. They seem to be very busy about the Lord's work. He listed a couple of needs that we will take care of for him. He continues to be blessed, and also continues to meet people he knows, hahha. 

"The Boswells say hello, as does Whitney Ackerson, who is engaged to our previous bishop's oldest son. We had dinner with him (Brother Bernhisle) and she was there! It was super crazy!" 

The Boswells are friends we served with in the Aloha 1st ward when we lived in Beaverton Or.  Whitney Ackerson is a friend of David's, also from that same ward. She is my friend Allyn Ackerson's youngest daughter. Elder Barrow went to primary with Whitney from age 3 to 6, when our ward split. Later, after we returned to Oregon and lived in Sherwood, they reconnected and sang together four two years in a regional Mormon Youth Choir. To sum it up, Elder Barrow and Whit go way back :).  

How fun for him to see her and meet her fiance'!  I'm looking forward to sending a note to her Mom :)

The Boswell Family and Whitney's family will not be part of the Salem Mission...funny that he met them in McMinnville....

Yet another reminder that it is a Very VERY small world :).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From the Field - McMinnville!!

The most recent letters from David!  

They came yesterday. He is in McMinnville Oregon, and is already busy at work!!  The first part of his letters he is answering questions I've asked him.

Email #1

1) yes - we have a car
2) no - I dont need a heavier blanket
3) yes, continue to use the same address for now
4) no - no new map of the Salem mission yet, I'll get the map on July 1st when the changes are in place.
5) My work out t-shirts are awesome, but they can have logos,  you didn't have to go out of your way to get a bunch of shirts that don't have logos haha. The logos just can't be inappropriate.
6) My favorite scripture is Isaiah 35:3-7
7) Yes, I can print pages. It will just cost me $.05 per page.
So yesterday was my first day in the new ward. Elder Andrus (my comp) and I had dinner at the bishop's house, Bishop Kamper. He has been the bishop for a total of 9 days now, and so we decided that we'd learn how to do our respective callings together haha. Then we went to help a lady and her daughter move out of her house (and out of a really bad situation). [And he's getting caught up with the needs of the ward.] I'm really getting put to work here! Anyways, I'm excited to be here so far and I hope I can actually do some good in the ward haha.
[My friend Dayna Davis, who saw David at the mission meeting, had been teasing his companion to "watch out for this kid, he's a handfull" kind of thing, haha. Both young men were not responding ...stoic was more like it haha. She was concerned, wondering if she had gone too far].  And no, Sister Davis didn't go too far,  I had just been up since 2 AM and I was extremely exhausted. I hope she didn't think I wasn't having a good time, I totally was! And it was awesome to see Bishop Eddington. Aparently my comp's dad also works with Uncle Joel, so that's interesting as well. Sorry if anything is incoherent, I still haven't slept enough to recover from yesterdays insanity.
Love you!

Email #2

1) yes - (he got his meds ok)
2) yes - (he got his clothes I sent)
3) yes - (he got his shots at the MTC and no reactions)
4) My first area is in McMinnville
5) I am learning a lot. LOL jk, I'm learning right now a lot about the mentality of man, mostly about how to create a desire to be repentant and humble as well as a desire to come unto Christ and learn of his love. It's really interesting!
So I have envelopes, but I'll try and buy some stamps when I can. I need to start writing more people so they will start writing me! >:)

Hint Hint :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rebeca Shinkle Matz

Rebecca is one of my dearest friends from Monmouth. Still, as we chat on Facebook it seems nothing has changed :).  Way back when, as an investigator, she and I became the best of buds. Her dad is such an incredible man, and was the bishop of the ward I was attending. Nobody plays "Margaritaville" on the ukelele like Bishop Shinkle :).

Rebecca is responsible for dragging me into a tri-stake church production of the musical "My Turn on Earth".  She was with me at my baptism, she helped me get my drivers license, and she was there for me during a very heart-wrenching breakup.  I believe we met during Music Man...her family was very involved in the college production where I played Marian...and her little brother fell off the stage into the orchestra pit...

Amazing how all the memories flood back...

She just FB messaged me....she is in David's ward. I'm excited for them to meet. Well...she can leave out the part about teaching me to drive... Hahhaa.

Very VERY small world.

~ Patti

Meeting of the Parents

With Bishops email sent out to the parents of both elders, I was contacted by Elder Andrus's dad. Turns out he "works for OC Tanner with a Joel Barrow. Do you know him?"

Sure do! He's my husbands uncle :).

Very VERY small world.

~ Patti

Monday, June 17, 2013

McMinnville with Bishop Kamper

David is now serving in the McMinnville Stake, McMinnville 2nd ward. His Bishop sent this letter to me and Elder Andrus' folks:

"I am Bishop Kamper, of the McMinnville 2nd Ward, McMinnville Oregon Stake. We had the privilege of having your sons join my family for Dinner tonight. We are excited to have them serve as a companionship to bless our friends and families through their service.

I have been the Bishop as long as Elder Barrow has been a missionary, so together we're greenies.  I promise, we will take good care of them.  Thank you for entrusting them to us."


I have it on good authority that Elder Barrow is now in McMinville!!  (thank you Dayna Davis!!)
He will be transferred to the Salem Oregon Mission on July 1st.

I can't believe it!!
He is back at my old stomping grounds :)  I can't wait to see the mission map, looking at the area which is part of eugene, Im thinking he will get to go to the coast! Hopefully during the winter...easier on the eyes if you know what i mean hahaha.

What a wonderful day....

~ Patti

Meeting a Dear Friend

Bishop Eddington wasn't always our bishop. For a few years, Scott served as the YM president of the Woodhaven Ward where we lived in Sherwood. He was in instrumental part of our sons growing up, and in times of crises for our family. He is a good friend, and a stalwart man of God.

I got an email from him today!  David is being watched over, for certain.  A lot to be thankful for today :).


I was coming back from SLC on a plane with a whole bunch of missionaries - Look who I found. It was a lot of fun to catch up with him. He's going to be a great missionary.

Scott Eddington

A Call Home

When I was a young mom, I had a little man who loved to talk.  As a baby, he would sit up in his crib, pull out his binky and blow raspberries. I'd hear endless giggles coming from his room as he would entertain himself with the amazing sounds he could make. Then...he figured out how to knock on the wall, the crib, anything within reach that could make a sound, it was David's happy place. The day he left, Niqui and David occupied the Music room with their talents. Niqui sang as David played the piano...songs he would not play for two years. It was music to my heart.  His John Schmidt anthology still sits there, waiting for him to return.

Speaking of music to my ears, David called us this morning from the Salt Lake City Airport. He sounded tired, but excited! It was 6:50am, and with it being an unknown number, I didn't know wether to answer it or not. But at that time in the morning, it HAD to be important. Then I hear..."Hey, it's me""David?"  "yeah".  Ok, first of all...if he had said "hey mom, it's me" I would have known...had a clue...but seriously? LOL

It was an awesome call. John was there and we both spoke to him for a couple minutes, and then he asked if I'd get Niqui up. She'd probably be really upset if we didnt wake her up and he had called :).  The young man is considerate of his sister. Awesome :)

He's excited, nervous, and a bit scared. I could hear it in his voice. We were encouraging, excited for him and loved being with him if even for just a few minutes. Oh yes, I do miss him. The ten minutes of heaven was just too short. As soon as we hung up, my tears couldnt be contained. So many emotions...proud of his decision, excited for his journey and those he will teach...and yearning to hug him, not wanting to let him go. Still, we cheered him on, told him to go forth and work hard. It will be much too long before I hear his voice again. Yet, Im so very happy he is where he is.

Where IS he? Well..wether he stays int he OPM or goes to the Salem mission, we wont know until we hear from Him.  Our friend, Dayna Davis, from the Woodhaven Ward in Sherwood, will be taking their wards sister missionaries to the Mission Meeting today. She is hoping to see David there. Thankfully, when David was on the phone, I was able to tell him that Dayna would be there. He was SO excited, he said he would look for her. A little touch of home. That's all he needed.