Friday, July 5, 2013


1.) [You're now officially in your new mission! Are you excited?] Yes, I am. The mission meeting today was really really cool. Our mission president is extremely inspired. He revealed a prophecy given him to our mission that the spanish people of Salem will, within the following years, flock by the thousands. Not hundreds, thousands. I got to kind of speak with him, but I should have a personal interview sometime within the next week or so.
2.) [Will you be getting a new mission packet?] I will send you a copy as soon as I know of it, I haven't even seen the map yet!
3.) [You mentioned buying your District Leaders bike. Is he in your new mission?] Yes, our entire zone is in the salem mission, and our DL is stationed in Newberg, right next to the mission headquarters.
4.) [Niqui and I have our opinion...did you get the Greenie Box we sent and did you open it from the top or the bottom?]  Yes, I love the greenie package, it is very appreciated! Especially the Otter pops! And I opened it from the top (assuming that the postage thing was on the top flaps...?)
5.) [Are the ward members feeding you guys dinners] Yes, in fact because we have 2 wards we are serving, we often have 2 meals a day with members. It's pretty crazy out here. They certainly love to feed the missionaries. Making it really hard to lose weight out here!!
6.) [what are you guys eating for your other meals?] Breakfast - egg / ham sandwiches, cereal. Lunch - sandwiches, burritos, apples, carrots, leftovers given to us from the members.
7.) [what are you learning?] I am learning that I know nothing about teaching lol. No, not really, I'm just learning about how to get a better first impression [and teach to what the investigators need].
8.) [Do you have a photo converter yet?] Not yet, but my comp has one. I left my camera at home today, it's been a really busy day so far.
9.) [Tell me more about the families you are working with]. We are teaching several families. There is a man named  "Carlos" [names are changed] and his wife "Sofia" and they have this bird that they just love to bits. They are commited to taking the lessons from us. We are also teaching a guy that survived not 1, or 2, but 3 helicopter crashes in Afghanistan. He's a pretty awesome. He totally knows his bible. On my 2nd day in the field we were talking about the apostasy and I shared the scripture in Amos that talks about there being a famine of the word of God, and asked him something along the lines of "If there is a famine of the word of God, would there not also be a famine of the power of God?".  We are also teaching an LDS [Latter Day Saint] family that is just going through a rough patch, the "Mitchells". They are all like me as far as the white knight goes, and they help anyone they can, but they kind of let their family get chaotic in the process. So we're trying to help them get their family back in order and weed out all the bad stuff. 
10.) [You've requested mail so you can get a library card? Why do you need one?] I need a library card so I can use the computers, and so I don't have to get a guest pass every time I walk into the library to do e-mail lol.
11.) [is there anything else I need to send you?] I don't think so, not as of yet.
12.) [Has anyone been writing you?] Nobody has written me yet. I have been e-mailing Zac Grubbe and Jared Weeks though. That's been fun :)
13.) [I know you guys are limited on July 4th...what are your plans?] We get to proselyte all day, wear our missionary clothes (shirt and tie) and we get to stay outside until 7:30 pm before we have to be inside! LOL Basically, we're going to be hopping around from BBQ to BBQ all day that day until 7:30 when we go home.
Other comments:
Elder Barrow gave me a great article to read on Personal Revelation, how the Holy Spirit prompts, guides and comforts us.    "This link is where Elder Bednar talks about revelation. He says that sometimes revelation is like walking in a foggy day. You don't know what the end goal is, but you know just enough to take a couple more steps into the darkness."

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