Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Elder Barrow was "transferred" so to speak.

For the past five weeks he and his comp, Elder Andrus, have been serving in two wards, McMinnville 2nd and Yamhill.  Yesterday, he was split from Elder Andrus (sad day!).  Elder Andrus was moved to Madras. Elder Barrow stayed in the Yamhill Ward, and was moved out of the McMinnville ward, where they received two new elders. Elder Barrow is VERY excited to stay with Bishop McConkie and their ward. He has a lot of work to do, but is very excited!

I asked if he was able to get everything back into his bag..
"I can't even pack yet! They don't even have anywhere for me to go! haha. And yes, I only have one ward now :) Just Yamhill, no longer mac 2nd. However I am staying in the mac apartment until I have somewhere else to live that is closer to my area..."

David is now serving with a new trainer, Elder Schultz from Farr West, Ut.

Yamhill Ward consists of several towns, mainly: Yamhill, Cove Orchard, Pike, Fairdale and LaFayette.  Yamhill city, itself, has about 1,100 people in residence :).

It's a beautiful area that holds annual Lavender festivals and hosts many vineyards and local wineries.

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