Sunday, June 23, 2013


Here are pictures from Monday, June 17th 2012. Thank you to Dayna Davis, my dear friend who was there at the Mission meeting the day David landed.

Pic 1 - FIRST DAY!!!  This picture totally cracks me up!! You can see in his eyes how exhausted he is from being up since 3:00am!  This reminds me of his "first day of Kindergarten" picture, hahha. Doesn't he look so excited and proud to be there?? That's my son. I'm so happy for him!

Pic. 2 - On the left is my dear dear friend Dayna Davis. Dayna have known each other since 2006, when we moved to Sherwood. She's an incredible pianist and a very expressive composer and musician. We have been through a lot together, including our thyroid disorders :)  Love this lady.  Elder Barrow is next to her. In her words "Sis. Benson (from Woodhaven ward but is now in Gladstone) with Sis. Gillis who is a brand new missionary like David."

Pic 3 - ELDERS of ISRAEL!!!  This is Elder Barrow and his missionary companion/trainer Elder Andrus. They are so excited to go and serve!! So proud of these young men, who give 2 years of their lives to serve others.

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