Monday, July 1, 2013


THE FIRST DAY OF A NEW MISSION!! -- Today, Elder David Barrow is part of the new Oregon Salem Mission, with a new mission area!!  Can you tell I'm just a bit excited??! I KNOW ALL THESE PLACES!!! Out of 405 missions around the world...he gets called to my old stompin' grounds!! Incredible!!!

Mission Cities of Interest (from Mom/Patti)
Tillamook and Lincoln City - I Loved these places as a kid!! We even had a house on the Siletz River for a time. Living in Oregon as an adult, I took my kids here OFTEN on beach trips :).
Grande Rhonde, Sheridan and Willamina - Lived in Grand Rhonde for a time, Sister graduated from Willamina High School and lived in Sheridan for while.
Salem, Keizer - I grew up in Salem, graduated from McNary High School in Keizer and student taught in several schools in the Salem/Keizer School District. My brother still lives in Salem!
Dallas, Independance and Monmouth - I graduated from WOU in Monmouth and know these adjoining  towns really well! (Interesting fact: Monmouth is a "dry town"!)
Albany - As a kid I spent many summers in Albany with my two sisters! My family knows that place backwards and sisters still live there :).
Silverton, Mill City - Growing up, I spent nearly as much time at my cousins house in Silverton as I did in my own house in Salem! My Cousin still lives in Silverton while my Aunt and Uncle live in Mill City.
Warm Springs, Sisters, Prineville, Redmond and Bend - College trips!! 


  1. What a GREAT place to serve! So many great people. I love that you have ties to all of these areas. How fun!

    Btw, Monmouth is no longer a dry town. Sad, huh?

  2. Monmouth is no longer a "dry town"....sad. That was part of it's charm.


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