Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I received three emails from Elder Barrow today, but nothing substantive :)  I assume he thought the pictures told a thousand words so why write? hahhah. Perhaps on Friday.  So far I get to hear from him twice a week. Although Tuesdays are usually his big email day.

Here are the pictures he sent!

Elder Barrow (black jacket on right) with his district during lunch at the MTC. His companion is across from him! This is where we fatten up our missionaries with an all you can eat buffet every meal, every day. Good thing this group was only there 12 days! WHEW! :)

Elder Barrow and his district at the Provo Temple! They are a great looking group! Elder Barrow is in the back, his comp peeking around in front of him :).

Elder Barrow and his MTC Companion Elder Viecco!

At the MTC, Elder Barrow bumps into Elder Spencer McGlinche, a fellow encore choir member and friend from Oregon. :) 

 Elder David Barrow greets a sweet familiar face!!  David and Sis. Maddie Grant graduated from High School Together! Maddie was one of my seminary converts to the Gospel in 2010. 
Now she is on her way preach the gospel in Russia!!

Introducing Elder DorkyDude.
We sent him some colored pipe cleaners in his "greenie missionary package". They were intended to use during his lessons which involve children...nope. Instead he chose to make this "splendid tie!"
And don't you just love his allergy-induced-swollen-eyed-skooshy-face?! LOL poor kid.


  1. Yay for pictures from the MTC!!!

    1. I agree!!! He sure is a happy Missionary :) Love it!


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