Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From the Field - McMinnville!!

The most recent letters from David!  

They came yesterday. He is in McMinnville Oregon, and is already busy at work!!  The first part of his letters he is answering questions I've asked him.

Email #1

1) yes - we have a car
2) no - I dont need a heavier blanket
3) yes, continue to use the same address for now
4) no - no new map of the Salem mission yet, I'll get the map on July 1st when the changes are in place.
5) My work out t-shirts are awesome, but they can have logos,  you didn't have to go out of your way to get a bunch of shirts that don't have logos haha. The logos just can't be inappropriate.
6) My favorite scripture is Isaiah 35:3-7
7) Yes, I can print pages. It will just cost me $.05 per page.
So yesterday was my first day in the new ward. Elder Andrus (my comp) and I had dinner at the bishop's house, Bishop Kamper. He has been the bishop for a total of 9 days now, and so we decided that we'd learn how to do our respective callings together haha. Then we went to help a lady and her daughter move out of her house (and out of a really bad situation). [And he's getting caught up with the needs of the ward.] I'm really getting put to work here! Anyways, I'm excited to be here so far and I hope I can actually do some good in the ward haha.
[My friend Dayna Davis, who saw David at the mission meeting, had been teasing his companion to "watch out for this kid, he's a handfull" kind of thing, haha. Both young men were not responding ...stoic was more like it haha. She was concerned, wondering if she had gone too far].  And no, Sister Davis didn't go too far,  I had just been up since 2 AM and I was extremely exhausted. I hope she didn't think I wasn't having a good time, I totally was! And it was awesome to see Bishop Eddington. Aparently my comp's dad also works with Uncle Joel, so that's interesting as well. Sorry if anything is incoherent, I still haven't slept enough to recover from yesterdays insanity.
Love you!

Email #2

1) yes - (he got his meds ok)
2) yes - (he got his clothes I sent)
3) yes - (he got his shots at the MTC and no reactions)
4) My first area is in McMinnville
5) I am learning a lot. LOL jk, I'm learning right now a lot about the mentality of man, mostly about how to create a desire to be repentant and humble as well as a desire to come unto Christ and learn of his love. It's really interesting!
So I have envelopes, but I'll try and buy some stamps when I can. I need to start writing more people so they will start writing me! >:)

Hint Hint :)

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