Monday, July 15, 2013


"We are doing everything we can to help our ward: going to every ward meeting we are invited to, visiting each family in the ward, etc. But for some reason, the ward members insist on calling upon the missionaries for even the smallest of things: Mowing lawns, picking weeds, blessings for sprained ankles, everything like that. Unfortunately, the home teaching in our ward is at 20%, and the members are calling the missionaries to do things their home teachers could be helping with." 

[ Definition: Home Teacher - two male members of the congregation who serve two or three families in the congregation, visiting their homes at least once each month. Every family is assigned home teachers, unless they ask specifically not to have them. Home Teachers visit with a message, and generally check on their families during the week. They take a special interest in Supporting the father in providing a righteous home environment, and the family in their important occasions. Because of their caring and friendship, the Home Teachers are often included of as a member of the family :) - plb]

"We are going to talk with the men in our ward, and try to help them understand what their role is in the church. If there is one thing that I would tell the ward it is to realize your place in it and why it is so important to magnify your calling. [meaning to do your utmost with what God has asked you to do, namely watch over one another].  Being a member of this church means accepting that responsibility placed on you. Our job as missionaries is to help our wards realize this, so that we can get more things done later on."

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