Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When Elder Barrow was ages 9yrs - 11yrs he would get two shots in each arm 3 days a week. His allergies were so bad that his eyes would swell completely shut. These shots helped ease the reactions and allow him manage his life much easier. Living in Oregon was awesome, he loved it, but it was hard on him several months of the year. Thank heavens for Zyrtec, Allegra, etc etc etc.

What are his allergies?
Tree pollens (especially cottonwoods), all grasses, horses and dogs. He never let it take him down...we have two Saint Bernards, he always mowed the lawns and we took him camping often. Seriously, this young man is amazing. 

So imagine my giggles when he got called back to Oregon :).  The trooper lives on!! 

I received this message from his Ward Mission Leader yesterday. I anticipate Elder Barrow will be taking his allergy meds from now on :).

"Despite some weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and the effects of allergies, we made a little more of an outdoorsman out of him today by hiking to the shrine of Trappist Abbey. It was bug-filled, muggy, and hot, but he survived. I totally should have gotten a shot of his legs after this...apparently they didn't take too well to grass..."

From Mom:
Um yea..."Elder Barrow maybe wear your jeans? :)."

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