Friday, July 5, 2013

FRI. 7/5 - Too Much MOTAB??

Too much MoTab?? NEVER!!

David asked for some more music, and I wrote asking some specifics within mission rules. Given that John is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir we thought it was funny that David was taking his "dad" on his mission, hahha.  Imagine my immense laughter when I read this in his email today:

"Yes, has to be hymns, but they can be upbeat and fun. In fact, prefferably so haha. There is only so much mo-tab one can take :P"

Bahahahhaha  :).

So, we are parusing our library for "upbeat hymn arrangements". John suggested we record our own...he's warming up his accordion Hahahhaha!! Oh how I love my family :)!

Given the changes in the "tracting policy", I wanted to know if they now had more "down time".

"We still tract on our "down time", so no we don't have "down time" at all lol, but we are going around to each member's home to talk about what they can do to become member missionaries. We are very busy!"

It's true. In fact they are visiting EVERY member in the two wards they are in. Their days are filled with spiritual and physical service. HE's SO HAPPY!!  VERY very proud of these guys :).

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