Friday, June 21, 2013

A Surprise Guest at Dinner!

We got another short email from Elder Barrow today! He is with a fabulous trainer, Elder Andrus. They seem to be very busy about the Lord's work. He listed a couple of needs that we will take care of for him. He continues to be blessed, and also continues to meet people he knows, hahha. 

"The Boswells say hello, as does Whitney Ackerson, who is engaged to our previous bishop's oldest son. We had dinner with him (Brother Bernhisle) and she was there! It was super crazy!" 

The Boswells are friends we served with in the Aloha 1st ward when we lived in Beaverton Or.  Whitney Ackerson is a friend of David's, also from that same ward. She is my friend Allyn Ackerson's youngest daughter. Elder Barrow went to primary with Whitney from age 3 to 6, when our ward split. Later, after we returned to Oregon and lived in Sherwood, they reconnected and sang together four two years in a regional Mormon Youth Choir. To sum it up, Elder Barrow and Whit go way back :).  

How fun for him to see her and meet her fiance'!  I'm looking forward to sending a note to her Mom :)

The Boswell Family and Whitney's family will not be part of the Salem Mission...funny that he met them in McMinnville....

Yet another reminder that it is a Very VERY small world :).

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  1. Funny thing is, also, that the Boswell's know Elder Andrus as well. He may also know Whitney, though I doubt it. Thinking back, I believe Elder Andrus was a greenie in our ward. Crazy small world! I didn't know that David sang in Encore. That's great! Thought of you, and him, as we headed down to Dallas for Girls' Camp.


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