Monday, July 29, 2013

Pinky and the Brain??

Hey everyone!
So as of yesterday, our bishop is on the same page as us. He has decided that it is time for the ward to split into a Lafayette ward and a Yamhill ward. Possibly even a Carlton ward. The next ward council will be devoted to changing the mission plan, which consists of 4 baptisms a year right now. We saw it and decided that it was way too weak-sauce lol. So the vision that we created is to divide the ward! 

This is just the beginning of what will happen in the Yamhill area.
My new district is pretty funky. Our 4'10 sister got placed with a sister who is 6'4, which is pretty funny. We also have an elder who is 6'10, and his companion is a stinking genius. So we call them Pinky and the Brain XD
In this area we have many people who have seen a lot of death. We have a less active church member we are teaching, and he served in Columbia fighting the drug cartels. The PTSD these people have is definitely evident. Another investigator we are going to start teaching grew up in Hawaii. He is going to cook us an authentic hawaiian dinner! So stoked!
If you can't tell by my unfocused email, I haven't got on different meds yet... So yeah lol. Sorry!
Hurrah for Israel!

<oh new meds? lol...his poor companion!!>

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