Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Received Tuesday, JUNE 25 2013

Hi Mom, 
Here are the answers to your questions:

1.) (What days can you access email?) Tuesdays and sometimes Fridays 
2.) (What times?) Tuesdays around noon UTAH TIME, Fridays are uncertain. 
3.) (Have you visited many members homes?)I've visited so many houses that all their names are not coming to me right now. But there is a family who's son is going to serve in the Salt Lake City South mission, which is totally our area. If you come across an Elder Green, FEED HIM!!! haha!
4.) (How is tracting going?) We aren't tracting much, but within the time that we have been tracting, I've been called a cultist, among other things lol. It's been fun!
5.) (Are you teaching any families?) Yes, we are teaching 3-4 families right now, always a member present. WOOHOO!
6.) (What is your biggest hurdle?) Biggest challenge so far: Staying awake during personal study time. Seriously. This is rough haha.
7.) (What was everyones reaction when you and Whitney saw each other?) They were just as suprised as we were! It was so weird!
8.) (I heard there was a group picture of the 32 of you...do you know who has it?) The mission pres has the picture, I'll find out how to get it to you. I believe they were going to send it to you anyways?
9.) (Are you and Elder Andrus getting along well?) Absolutely, we spend so much time praying and studying together that it's hard not to. We've extended so many commitments together as a companionship that we're becoming one in purpose, which is awesome. We decided to offer a deal to one of our innactives who lives in a unkept mobile home. We told her that every hour she spends at church we'd serve her for that amount of time around her home. Pretty good deal!
10.) (Is Elder Andrus going to the Salem Mission as well?) Yes, he is, he'll be my companion for 11 more weeks at least.

By the way, I inherited a gorgeous brown suit that fits like a charm, will be buying brown shoes for it soon :) I'll take a pic of myself in it and send it your way as soon as I have a memory card reader to plug into the computer. :) Thanks a ton! I'll talk to you soonish!

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