Monday, June 17, 2013

A Call Home

When I was a young mom, I had a little man who loved to talk.  As a baby, he would sit up in his crib, pull out his binky and blow raspberries. I'd hear endless giggles coming from his room as he would entertain himself with the amazing sounds he could make. Then...he figured out how to knock on the wall, the crib, anything within reach that could make a sound, it was David's happy place. The day he left, Niqui and David occupied the Music room with their talents. Niqui sang as David played the piano...songs he would not play for two years. It was music to my heart.  His John Schmidt anthology still sits there, waiting for him to return.

Speaking of music to my ears, David called us this morning from the Salt Lake City Airport. He sounded tired, but excited! It was 6:50am, and with it being an unknown number, I didn't know wether to answer it or not. But at that time in the morning, it HAD to be important. Then I hear..."Hey, it's me""David?"  "yeah".  Ok, first of all...if he had said "hey mom, it's me" I would have known...had a clue...but seriously? LOL

It was an awesome call. John was there and we both spoke to him for a couple minutes, and then he asked if I'd get Niqui up. She'd probably be really upset if we didnt wake her up and he had called :).  The young man is considerate of his sister. Awesome :)

He's excited, nervous, and a bit scared. I could hear it in his voice. We were encouraging, excited for him and loved being with him if even for just a few minutes. Oh yes, I do miss him. The ten minutes of heaven was just too short. As soon as we hung up, my tears couldnt be contained. So many emotions...proud of his decision, excited for his journey and those he will teach...and yearning to hug him, not wanting to let him go. Still, we cheered him on, told him to go forth and work hard. It will be much too long before I hear his voice again. Yet, Im so very happy he is where he is.

Where IS he? Well..wether he stays int he OPM or goes to the Salem mission, we wont know until we hear from Him.  Our friend, Dayna Davis, from the Woodhaven Ward in Sherwood, will be taking their wards sister missionaries to the Mission Meeting today. She is hoping to see David there. Thankfully, when David was on the phone, I was able to tell him that Dayna would be there. He was SO excited, he said he would look for her. A little touch of home. That's all he needed.

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