Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rebeca Shinkle Matz

Rebecca is one of my dearest friends from Monmouth. Still, as we chat on Facebook it seems nothing has changed :).  Way back when, as an investigator, she and I became the best of buds. Her dad is such an incredible man, and was the bishop of the ward I was attending. Nobody plays "Margaritaville" on the ukelele like Bishop Shinkle :).

Rebecca is responsible for dragging me into a tri-stake church production of the musical "My Turn on Earth".  She was with me at my baptism, she helped me get my drivers license, and she was there for me during a very heart-wrenching breakup.  I believe we met during Music Man...her family was very involved in the college production where I played Marian...and her little brother fell off the stage into the orchestra pit...

Amazing how all the memories flood back...

She just FB messaged me....she is in David's ward. I'm excited for them to meet. Well...she can leave out the part about teaching me to drive... Hahhaa.

Very VERY small world.

~ Patti

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  1. Wait! Rebecca's dad was bishop when WE lived there too. Wow! This world is WAY small.


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