Wednesday, June 12, 2013

David's First Letter - MTC

David's letter from the MTC!   Wednesday, June 12th 2013

From Patti -- It had been a week since we'd heard from David! We dropped him off at the MTC on June 5th, and he was finally able to write home one week later :).  It wasn't until then that I was told it was "normal" for them to be so busy that first week, a letter rarely comes home. Wish I had known! It would have saved me a lot of concern! Hahhah
Hey Mom,

I got your letter yesterday from "Dear Elder," in case you were wondering how fast I received it. [It arrived the Same day!} 

This last week has been the most amazing week ever.  As to my experience in the MTC, this place is absolutely astounding. Every day we study for 9 hours in the scriptures. By the end of the day we are just so exhausted that we start mixing up scriptures and experiences haha. Each day here feels like 3 whole days, but we love it! I could come home after being here at the MTC and just be so filled with everything that I've learned that I would be twice the man spiritually that I was. I'm excited to invite others to Christ, for them to feel that same love that I have been feeling. 

Last night we had a devotional in the Marriot Center, the only place that could fit so many missionaries. The walk there was amazing, just being in the middle of the throng of elders and sisters all singing about Zion. At one point we got everyone to sing "Called to Serve," and it was AWESOME. Imagine 2,800 missionaries all singing at the same time! But the best part was the devotional itself. [It was on the News and in the papers!!]

So my companion is a short venezuelan/columbian/Italian named Elder Viecco (pronounced V-echo) and he is awesome. Such a kick in the pants. He's a dancer, tree hugger, nature lover, and vet student at BYUI. He's 18. There is also a sister in my district that reminds me of Niqui so stinking much, it's hillarious. Her name is Sister McMahon (pronounced McMan) and she's a vocal preformance major at BYUI. Imagine if you took Niqui's talents and Francisca Requelme's excitement and put it all into Emily Sorenson's attitude about life. She's so loud! [for those of us to know these three ladies, this description is just too funny! hahah]

All in all, I'm having a wonderful time here in the MTC.  By the way, I can write letters any day of the week, but I can only e-mail on P-days. [preparation day = once a week]

God's work and his glory is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." This isn't my mission. This is the Lord's mission that I've been permitted to work. It's such a blessing to be here. I love you all.

~Elder Barrow

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